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Wish You Could Hear

by Andres Guazzelli

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber It's not stated here explicitly in the liner notes, but actually the composer of this break-neck art rock madness is Andres Guazzelli himself - a new big hope for an innovating impulse in the prog genre. This fascinating 12-minute music concentrate contains a vast amount of ideas that some others certainly would inflate to a 40-minute jumbo epic. Frankly, I had to listen to it three times until I fully got all of its twists and turns. Once again it becomes obvious what kind of top-notch music is created in Argentina!
Tarik Najab
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Tarik Najab I love Colin's guitar play. His sound and solo's are amazing! Collin you kick ass mate!
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Pie Any comments I could make would be superfluous. Colin Tench succinctly and accurately described this twelve-and-a-half-minute "mini-epic". So... if you like Colin (R.I.P.) and if there's even a slight chance you'd like ME (I'll never R.I.P.) then give Andres a listen.

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Andres Guazzelli (born December 20, 1984) is an Argentinian singer, composer, producer, engineer, sound designer and film scorer from Mar del Plata.

He earned a college degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque composing.
A major cinephile, Andres originally wanted to make a living recording and producing music, but during his college training, there was a portion of the curriculum that was all about Audio Post-Production for Film. He became so fascinated by it, he decided to make a career of it. He took special interest in ADR Recording & Mixing, as well as Foley Engineering. To date, he has worked on over 30 films.

A classically-trained musician, Andres combines heavy orchestral work with the edginess and modern textures of progressive rock and the brass-driven dramatic scores from epic films. His music contains strong influences of baroque and classical music, as well as medieval and renaissance music, within the frame of symphonic rock.

"If you can imagine Brian May, Santana and John Williams composing a piece of music together, that can move progressive rock fans and cinema audience at the same time, then you are imagining what this music is attempting to be. In just 12 minutes, a musical thrillride with the flavours of Queen, baroque, latin music and a full orchestra. Moving, momentous and memorable. It has the structure of a classical piece but the freedom and surprises allowed in prog!" - Colin Tench (Bunchakeze & Corvus Stone), April 2013.

'Wish You Could Hear' is an important piece of orchestral rock music written with two central themes that carry through four movements. Although the themes recurs, they are not redundant, but are cleverly introduced through the piece with different instrumentation which, while symphonic in nature, is something you could sing with a single melody line. 'Wish You Could Hear', almost 12 and a half minutes long, features four movements of strongly contrasting moods, each one carried by a main theme, and ranging from 64 bpm to 163 bpm.

The piece is refreshing as it has texture from top to bottom and has rhythms that change throughout but finds a way to get back the central theme at the end. With today’s music offerings being canned with the same format, this composition separates itself from the norm with a wonderful theme and exciting rhythm lines, combining rock and symphonic music together which was lost many years ago with the writings of Queen, Genesis, Yes, ELP, and the Beatles.

If you enjoy composition rather than the ordinary, 'Wish You Could Hear' is exciting, interesting, and pleasing to the ear.

Majestic horns, electrifying guitar melodies, high-octane basslines, tight and precise drumming, fugal passages and Bach-like violin solos, all in one epic symphonic rock piece.

2013 was Guazzelli's breakthrough year: He collab'd with international prog acts Corvus Stoneand Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5, lent his voice for the Android game Nick Run Over Water and ultimately released his debut single 'Wish You Could Hear'

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released November 2, 2013
Andres Guazzelli (ARG): Piano, Hammond organ, Minimoog, Mellotron & orchestral arrangements
Colin Tench (UK): Electric & acoustic guitars
Petri Lindström (FIN): Bass
Robert Wolff (USA): Drums & percussion

Recorded at Estudios Dorian, Stoned Bun Studios, PL-Studios and Kennesound Studios.

Guitars recorded and pre-mixed by Colin Tench at Stoned Bun Studios, Avesta, Sweden
Bass guitar recorded by Petri Lindström at PL-Studios, Jyväskylä, Finland.
Drums recorded and pre-mixed by Rusty Dimmett at Kennesound Studios, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Mixed by Andres Guazzelli at Estudios Dorian, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Mastered by Fernando Richard at Genoma Mastering, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Artwork by Maite Suarez, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Produced by Andres Guazzelli.


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Andres Guazzelli Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Andres Guazzelli (born December 20, 1984) is an Argentinian singer, composer, producer, engineer, sound designer and film scorer from Mar del Plata.

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